President of the Australian Palestine Advocacy Network, Nasser Mashni at the Ceasefire Now rally in Melbourne on Sunday. Photo: Wayne Jansson

On Sunday’s episode of Insiders host, David Speers asked Prime Minister, Albanese about a Palestinian state as part of a two state solution.

Albanese recognised “the right of Israel to defend itself” and suggested a “demilitarised” Palestinian state was one option.

I can’t imagine Palestinians, who’ve endured over 70 years of dispossession, genocide and apartheid at the hands of an armed to the teeth Israel agreeing to that.

Greens Leader, Adam Bandt and President of the Australian Palestine Advocacy Network, Nasser Mashni were both at the Ceasefire Now rally in Melbourne on Sunday.

I sought a response from them on Albanese’s comments regarding a two state solution with a demilitarised Palestinian state.

Speers’ question

What about longer term?
We now have the British government talking about possibly recognising a Palestinian state, after a ceasefire in Gaza without necessarily waiting for years of negotiation over the details.
The US also says it’s in talks about the establishment of a Palestinian state.
Benjamin Netanyahu we know is flatly opposed.
Can I ask would you be willing to recognise a Palestinian without the approval of Israel?

David Speers asks Prime Minister Albanese on ABC’s Insiders

Albanese responds

Australia supports a two state solution, we support the right of Israel to exist within safe and secure borders.
But we also support justice for Palestinians and we support a political solution in the region and it’s important the international community play a role.
I issued a statement with the Prime Minister of Canada and the Prime Minister of New Zealand, that called for this, that called for the release of hostages, that called for a humanitarian ceasefire, that called for humanitarian support to the people of Gaza, but also, of course recognise the right of Israel to defend itself.
… … part of that might mean, for example any existence of a Palestinian state would be one that was a demilitarised state.

Prime Minister Albanese

Audio of Albanese’s response in full:

Bandt responds

Greens Leader Adam Bandt addresses the Ceasefire Now rally in Melbourne on Sunday
Greens Leader Adam Bandt addresses the Ceasefire Now rally in Melbourne on Sunday. Photo: Wayne Jansson

Palestinians and Israelis are entitled to self-determine their future under international law.
That’s a right that people have got and we know that, Benjamin Netanyahu has called for whatever arises after the current invasion to be one that’s based on full Israeli control and Netanyahu’s used the word demilitarised as well.
It’s disappointing to see Labor again continue to seem to back the position of, Netanyahu when they’re subject to orders from the ICJ [International Court of Justice].
Any outcome from here needs to be based on full self-determination of the Palestinian and Israeli people under international law.
That’s only going to happen if there’s not only an end invasion, but an end to the occupation as well.
That’s the only way you’re going to give people the right to self-determine their future.

Adam Bandt

Mashni responds

As an Australian first and a Palestinian second, but somebody with Palestinian ancestry, nobody gets to decide what a Palestinian state looks like other than Palestinians.
The concept that a Palestinian can’t be trusted with a weapon because that might feed into some sort of notion of Israeli supremacy of their security and their welfare over that of the Palestinians is entirely unacceptable.
Furthermore, the two state solution is well past its time, it’s dead.
We need to be talking about what the land should look like, a one state solution. Where everybody that is of Abraham’s children, Muslim, Christian and Jew lives free from the river to the sea.
And in that state, whether that state is militarised or not, ideally I’d like there to be no militaries anywhere in the world because we’d all live in peace and harmony.
But as to, Anthony Albanese who used to pontificate as the Chair of the Parliamentary Friends of Palestine on everything Palestine and where he is today, as a community we’re very disappointed in his position and he doesn’t get to tell Palestinians what they do.

Nasser Mashni

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